SportsEngine Registration: The Orange County Wheelmen (OCW)

Amtrak 2018 Volunteer Team - 44th Annual


Welcome to the Amtrak Volunteer Team for 2018

Welcome to the new Amtrak Volunteer Team Registration!  When filling out this Registration you can select up to 6 locations:

  • Friday Packing requires you to be available from 9:30am to 2:00 pm
  • If you can drive one of the Delivery Trucks you will need to pick the truck up from the Painters Home after 2:00pm work the Rest Stop and return the truck by 9:30am Sunday.
  • If you want to ride our chartered Train back on Saturday along with all the riders you must select the Finish and ride the First  train out of Irvine metro-link  (562 Pacific Surfliner) down to San Diego.   OCW will compensate you for the "Value" train ticket ($27.00).  Maximum Volunteers 40 !  I will need 5 Team members who will drive to San Diego, Carpooling is encouraged.


Raffaelle Spennato